About Us

Bolder BioPATH, Inc. is a contract pharmacology and pathology company specializing in In Vivo models of Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, and Inflammatory Bowel Disease as well as other autoimmune and inflammation models. Our goals are to provide preclinical (efficacy and toxicity) data to support advancing proteins and small molecules to IND/NDA stage.

Our Mission

Since 2003, our mission has been to provide our clients with the highest quality data to move rapidly toward an IND filing. We pride ourselves on being the most flexible contract research lab available. The collaborative relationship between the study sponsor and the contract lab is of the utmost importance and we value supporting our clients’ research objectives.

Our Focus

Since 2003, our focus on rodent models of arthritis, inflammation and inflammatory bowel disease has allowed us to provide strong expertise and guidance in an ever-changing scientific landscape. Our focus promotes excellence in our research and data integrity and helps meet our clients needs in a timely, efficient, cost effective and high quality manner. Our effectiveness is built on our years of experience in customer driven drug development.

Our Capabilities

In Vivo Research 

Specific disease models listed here

  • Rat
  • Mouse
  • Guinea Pig

Ex Vivo Analysis

  • Multiplexing
  • ELISA Analysis
  • Cell Culture
  • Permeability Assay

Pathology Service

  • Pathological assessment of tissues
  • Board certified veterinary pathologist
  • We analyze samples from our in vivo models
  • You can submit fixed, embedded, or sectioned samples


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