Important Things to Know About Intra-Articular Testing of Drugs in Animals – ACT’s 37th Annual Meeting

Important Things to Know About Intra-Articular Testing of Drugs in Animals

Alison M. Bendele DVM, PhD, DACVP

Bolder BioPATH, Inc, Boulder, CO 

Monday Nov. 7th – Symposium 7 ,

3:50 PM–4.20 PM  

 Intra-articular (IA) administration of drugs offers an opportunity to directly target joints (primarily osteoarthritic) for anabolic, antidegenerative, analgesic, lubricant, anti-inflammatory and other potential beneficial effects while minimizing undesirable systemic effects. Animal species selection for both preclinical efficacy testing as well as toxicity evaluation should take into consideration various factors including occurrence of spontaneous degenerative changes that might complicate data interpretation as well as structural and morphologic differences in cartilage type in various species as compared to humans (hyaline vs fibrocartilage). This presentation will also discuss how to reliably administer IA test articles in animals, functional testing to determine gait abnormalities resulting from adverse effects on synovium, cartilage or subchondral bone, joint processing and staining to maximize accurate histopathology evaluation and minimize confusion resulting from sectioning artifact. Also included will be a discussion of normal joint anatomy, common spontaneous lesions in joints of laboratory animals, pathologic vs biologic responses to various types of IA administered agents with an attempt to put into perspective the more serious vs. minor effects.


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