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In Vivo efficacy models

Bolder BioPATH offers a wide range of in vivo preclinical early stage research, efficacy, pharmacology, and safety studies. Our experience and expertise allow us to offer a wide range of study designs in pharmacology, toxicology, inflammatory bowel disease, and immunologic models. Furthermore, our hands-on approach and our collaborative interactions with our clients means that our scientists will work with you to learn your specific preclinical study requirements and assist you from initial study design to final reporting of your data to provide you with dependable, reproducible results.

The range of Bolder BioPATH’s preclinical services include:

Grp 3, An 3, 50x MAUC Normal Distal Colon Grp10 An6 Forepaw1 16xGr 2 AN 7 L 16X

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