Toxicology Studies in Rats, Mice and Guinea Pigs


Mice, rats, or guinea pigs are dosed with sponsor-provided experimental test compounds and evaluated for either acute or chronic toxicity. During the live phase of the study, animals are monitored for signs of toxicity and weighed daily. At the time of necropsy, a systematic gross examination of each animal’s general physical condition, body orifices, external and internal organs and tissues will occur. Sponsor-selected organs are collected, trimmed, and weighed. Organ weights are expressed as absolute, relative to body weight, and relative to brain weight.

Additionally, tissues can be examined microscopically by a board certified veterinary pathologist (Dr. Alison Bendele)

Dosing Paradigms:

  • Route of administration: SC, PO, IP, IV, IA, IR, ID, Ad libitum.

Optional Endpoint

  • PK/PD blood collections
  • Cytokine/chemokine analysis via Luminex(R)
  • Other sandwich ELISAs
  • CBC/clinical chemistry analysis
  • Soft tissue collection
  • Histopathologic analysis
  • Immunohistochemistry analysis

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